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U.S. Cellular Community Park Sets Economic Impact Record

By Rich Rosenthal, Asst. Parks & Rec. Dir.
A 21 percent surge in local participation and a 3.7 percent increase in teams traveling to Medford produced a record-setting $11 million year in economic stimulus produced by tournaments and special events held at U.S. Cellular Community Park during 2015, according to research conducted by the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.

David Alexander, Chuck Hanson Promoted to Lead MPRD Athletics

By Rich Rosenthal
A pair of longtime part-time employees have been selected to supervise Medford Parks and Recreation Department tournaments and athletics programs.

MPRD Announces 2016 USCCP Tournament Slate

By Rich Rosenthal
The Medford Parks and Recreation Department today announced at least 32 tournaments are scheduled at U.S. Cellular Community Park in 2016.




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